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“Impulse response measurement using MLS, Sweep, Chirp.
Impulse response size up to 512kByte.
Room acoutic tools for calculation of STI, RT60, EDT, C50, C80, Center Time.
Windowed FFT1 of the impulse response.
More then ten different traces can be overlayed for quick comparisation.
Dual-channel FFT with transfer function and impulse response.
Dual input FFT display and dual input RTA display.
Delay finder for quick location of delaytime for transfer function.
Signal generator delivering white and pink noise, sweep, sine wave, rectangle, triangle and sawtooth.
Supports ASIO, WDM and DirectSound up to 32Bit / 48kHz.
Runs on win XP, vista® win7® and win8®.”

Download the 30 day demo here:
SATlive demo
SATlive manual PDF
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