My intentions with this website are to share useful information.I have been mixing audio either live or in a studio for over 30 years. I have been an entertainment rigger (a person who climbs around in the ceiling of buildings and hangs speakers, lighting and video gear) for over 20 years.
Speaking of rigging, here is my rigging website:
Being a rigger for some of the largest shows on earth over the last two decades has given me a unique perspective on audio. I’ve also been able to listen to many of the shows as a reference for what sounds good and what doesn’t. When it comes to sound system design and optimization, putting the speakers in the right place and aiming them correctly is AS important as how you tune them afterwards. Installing speakers and then tuning them are an integrated process.

Some of the install rigging projects I have worked on have put me side by side with world class sound system designers who are trained SIM3 and SMAART engineers. These system designers have taught me and inspired me to learn about system design and optimization which has ultimately led to building this website.

I have met many live sound engineers who would like to understand how to “tune” and “optimize” their sound systems but don’t know where to start. Having gone through the growing pains of trying to understand sound system design and optimization myself, I understand that it is a long journey. Especially if you’re trying to navigate it alone. My goal with this site is to catalog what I learn and understand and share it. Maybe allowing others a head start or at least a boost. Considering the horrendous sound I hear in general when I go to a live event (church, speaker, music event, etc…), the audio community needs a fast track to sound system design and optimization. The tools are affordable and the information exists. It’s just not in a pill that is easy to swallow.  This site aims to help make that pill a bit smaller:)

If you find information that is unclear, incorrect or feel that something could be added to help make the site better, by all means contact me.
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