Real Time Analyzer – RTA “RIP”

WIKI – Real Time Analyzer

If you glance over the drop down list under “Real Time Analyzer – RTA” you will notice that almost all of the stand alone RTA units have been discontinued. The reason is obvious. Transfer Function based systems are superior in almost every way and with inexpensive measurement software that includes RTA type measurement tools in addition to FFT based measurement tools, there really is no need for a stand alone RTA anymore. Where is an RTA still useful? IF the device has a PEAK HOLD function, for identifying feedback. Otherwise, I’d rather use a Spectragram instrument so I have time to see the feedback even after it’s happened.

The RTA is a tool that served a purpose before FFT measurement tools came along and has now been replaced by a better tool. If you’re still relying on an RTA and graphic EQ to tune a system or to flatten your monitors, it’s time to get the right tools for the job. A FFT measurement rig and a parametric eq are superior for the task in every way. Leave your 31 band eqs in monitor land for feedback abatement (which shouldn’t really be necessary if you’ve already flattened your monitor system with an FFT rig and parametric eq), the rig is managed well and the musicians aren’t deaf. Just saying…