Rational Acoustics Smaart

Like Meyer Sound, Rational Acoustics (SMAART) has contributed greatly to the advancement of live audio optimization principles and practices. In my view, Rational Acoustics picks up where Meyer Sound leaves off. Prior to Smaart, you had one choice for making FFT based live audio measurements. SIM. The one and only issue I see with SIM is that it is inherently expensive (not a downside in and of itself). By being expensive, it has had a limited the user base. If SIM3 was inexpensive, I’d have a rig on my bench already. What Smaart did was make a measurement tool available to a large user base which is obviously a good thing. Whether one tool is better than the other, I’ll leave to those who use both and know. What I can say is that for every SIM machine working in the field, there are a lot more Smaart rigs in use. At the same time since SIM is a dedicated hardware device, it’s inherently more stable than a Mac or PC running Smaart but inherently larger and less portable than a modern laptop and firewire / USB based audio interface. No one is flying with their SIM rig under their seat. Smaart by Rational Acoustics has contributed greatly to good sound and that is a benefit to us all.

Thank you Rational Acoustics!

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