Smaart 8

Rational Acoustics Smaart 8 is available for Mac and PC. Is it by far the most widely used measurement software on the market.
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WIKI – Smaart Article
Smaart 8 versus Smaart 7 DI
The full version of Smaart has a retail price of $995 on the Rational Acoustics website. It can be purchased through a dealer network:
Smaart 8 webpage
Smaart 8 Demo – Mac
Smaart 8 Demo – PC
Rational Acoustic dealer list
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FFT Fundamentals PDF – Paul D. Henderson
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Smaart Forum – How to make your own calibration file for Smaart


Here are some interesting case studies from previous versions of Smaart.
Case Study # 1 : Domed Stadium
Case Study # 2 : Home Theater / Listening Room
Case Study # 3 : Two-Way BiAmplified Loudspeaker in Critical Listening Environment
Case Study # 4 : Multi-Cluster Reinforcement System in Large Church
Case Study # 5 : Live Music Show in a Midsize Auditorium
Case Study # 6 : Time Correction in a Concert System
Case Study # 7 : Measuring a Measurement Microphone
Case Study # 8 : Polarity and it’s effect on a Two-Way Loudspeaker
Case Study # 9 : Interaction of Low-Frequency Drivers and Subwoofers in Dance Systems

Here are some Tech Notes from older versions of Smaart:
Technote # 1 : Transfer Function Measurement Configurations
Technote # 2 : Using the Smaart Pro Delay Locator
Technote # 3 : The “Mystery of Data Windows”
Technote # 4 : Signal Alignment & Transfer Function Measurement Data
Technote # 5 : Loudspeaker Impedance with Smaart