Audio Control SA-3052

Audio Control SA 3052 stand alone RTA unit

The SA-3052 is a microprocessor controlled, one-third octave, real time spectrum analyzer. It is affordable, rugged, reliable, easy to use, fast to setup, and designed and manufactured by audio enthusiasts who have been building spectrum analyzers for twenty years. This is a true professional instrument at a very favorable price which has made this family of analyzers the world’s most popular.

The SA-3052 comes with a complete range of features including pink noise generator, calibrated microphone, memories, SPL functions, ability to average memories, peak hold utilities, comprehensive manual, and large, easy to read display. The SA-3052 is very portable since it also contains an internal battery pack and smart charger, the ability to drive a printer directly, and comes with a carrying case as standard equipment.

Results are easy and quick to achieve since the SA-3052 is a completely self-contained, stand alone device which do not need a computer to operate. The time from turn on to making measurements is less than three seconds. There is no training necessary.

With its all-metal construction and very rugged design, this is an honest product that will last, and be accurate, for many years to come.

Battery Pack
The battery pack allows the SA-3052 to operate without connection to AC mains supply. The gel cell battery supply has sufficient capacity to operate the unit continuously for about 4 hours. An internal smart battery charger functions when the SA-3052 is plugged into AC and automatically adjusts the rate of charge. The power LED on the front panel glows red when the unit is charging its batteries and flashes as full charge is reached.

Same Features as the SA-3051

Affordable, Accurate, Professional-Grade Real Time Audio Analyzer
Self-contained, No computer required
Thirty Bands (25Hz-20kHz) plus Broadband SPL
Six Non-Volatile Memories plus Averaging
Discrete Fourth-Order ANSI Class II Filters
Digital SPL Display (0.1dB resolution)
Built-in Digital Pink Noise Generator
Calibrated Microphone Included


Internal Battery Pack with Intelligent Charger
Parallel Printer Port for Hard Copy and Documentation
Soft Carrying Case with Storage for Mikes and Cables
Never Loses Memories or Programming
Optional Accessories: A-C Weighting Filter