Harry Brill Jr.

Harry Brill Jr. is among other things a Rational Acoustics instructor.

I met Harry on a bar patio when the universe brought a Meyer SIM3 class taught by 6o6 Mccarthy to Fort Worth at the exact same time Harry arrived to teach a Smaart 7 class.

Harry’s company website has some great information about audio and audio measurements, Tiger Audio Inc.  Readers should note that Harry is a dealer for Rational Acoustics software and hardware among other things. If you need to upgrade or purchase something, contact him.

Since the classes overlapped, I had to choose between taken the SIM3 class and the Smaart class and went with 6o6’s class since I had 1000+ questions regarding his book.

Fortunately someone in the SIM or Smaart class had the idea of inviting all the participants from both classes to a central location in downtown Fort Worth. If that weren’t enough, Dave Lawler and Craig Doubet came into town part way through the classes to do some work on Bass Hall’s sound system. On that special day sitting at one table, 6o6, Harry, Dave, Craig and a bunch of star struck audio guys:)  You’re probably more likely to see Hailey’s comet than for that to happen again.

When I saw that Smaart 8 was about to be released, I contacted Harry to arrange to upgrade my V7 license and that conversation has turned into a very fruitful friendship. Harry has turned out to be invaluable when it comes to using and understanding Smaart as well as clarifying some of the principles of system optimization. Harry definitely gets the night owl award.