Rational Acoustics – training course description and full curriculum

Rational Acoustics training – course descriptions & full curriculum links

“Smaart Basics” course description

Length of Class: 1 Day
Smaart Platform: Smaart v.7 Di

At the completion of a single day Smaart Basics training class, attendees will have been guided through configuring and running RTA, Spectrograph, and Transfer Function measurements via the dual-channel Smaart v.7 Di platform. While the class uses the Smaart v.7 Di platform, many of the fundamental concepts used in Smaart will be addressed throughout.

Smaart Basics

“Smaart Operator Fundamentals” course description

Length of Class: 2 Days
Smaart Platform: Smaart v.7

Rational Acoustics’ Smaart Operator Fundamentals class comprises the material you need to know to use a Smaart rig effectively – it is the both starting point for learning to use Smaart, as well as the material that you will need to return to on an ongoing basis and master to become an advanced user. The standard session length for the Operator Fundamentals class is 16hrs, split between two 8hr days.

Smaart Operator Fundamentals

“Smaart Application Practicums”

Length of Class: 1 Day
Smaart Platform: Smaart v.7

Rational Acoustics’ Smaart Application Practicums focus on the use of the Smaart measurement platform in “real world” professional audio engineer work. They examine the implementation of the information presented in the Operator Fundamentals – the various measurement capabilities, control parameters, data reading and measurement rig configuration skills – in using Smaart as tool for professional sound system engineering tasks.

There are currently 2 different Application Practicums available:

“System Alignment Practicum”

This is the practicum included with all standard 3-day Smaart training sessions offered throughout the year. It focuses specifically on the implementation of the information presented in the Smaart Operator Fundamentals class.

Application Practicum: System Alignment

“Multichannel Measurement Practicum”

This practicum is a more advanced practicum focusing on the complexities of multi-channel measurement configurations and is offered as an optional 4th day at selected Smaart training sessions throughout the year. This practicum is designed to be very hands-on and requires all attendees to have computers outfitted with both Smaart v.7 and Dante Virtual Sound Card.

Application Practicum: Multi-Channel Measurement

Crystal Studios / Crystalab

One of my best friends Kevin Church had the privilege of working as an assistant engineer at Crystal Studios during the era when Stevie Wonder recorded “Songs in the Key of Life”

WIKI – Songs In The Key Of Life

This is about all I can find about Crystal Studios. Amazing technical and historical article!


Of special interest to audiomeasurements.com is Barry’s explanation for how to manage speakers using “white noise” to aim and adjust speakers.

This is the article:

Barry Ober – Using White Noise to Aim and Adjust Speakers

Barry Ober – Using White Noise to Aim and Adjust Speakers PDF

WFX 2014 – Dallas Oct 1

Today was an exciting day. I volunteered to help in the Earthworks Audio booth in the Hall F at this years WFX convention.

Craig Breckenridge is the visiting rep for Earthworks.

Earthworks appoints Craig Breckenridge as product specialist ANNOUNCEMENT

Craig Breckenridge – LinkedIN

WFX 2014

Rational Acoustics has Chris Tsanjoures onsite with a IOEaZy SPL measurement rig up in the speaker demo room. I met him this morning.

Rational People – Chris Tsanhoures

The demo room is an interesting concept. A bunch of flown mono rigs all aimed toward the middle of the room.

WFX shootout 4

WFX shootout 1

WFX shootout 2

WFX shootout 3

I spent a lot of time talking to the CADAC Sound team, Paul Morini, Peter Hearl and Mitch Mortenson.

Tomorrow I hope to get some more information about the demo room shoot out and find out more about the IOEaZy rig.

More soon…