WFX 2014 – Dallas Oct 1

Today was an exciting day. I volunteered to help in the Earthworks Audio booth in the Hall F at this years WFX convention.

Craig Breckenridge is the visiting rep for Earthworks.

Earthworks appoints Craig Breckenridge as product specialist ANNOUNCEMENT

Craig Breckenridge – LinkedIN

WFX 2014

Rational Acoustics has Chris Tsanjoures onsite with a IOEaZy SPL measurement rig up in the speaker demo room. I met him this morning.

Rational People – Chris Tsanhoures

The demo room is an interesting concept. A bunch of flown mono rigs all aimed toward the middle of the room.

WFX shootout 4

WFX shootout 1

WFX shootout 2

WFX shootout 3

I spent a lot of time talking to the CADAC Sound team, Paul Morini, Peter Hearl and Mitch Mortenson.

Tomorrow I hope to get some more information about the demo room shoot out and find out more about the IOEaZy rig.

More soon…