small diaphragm versus large diaphragm

One of things you will notice when looking for a measurement mic is that there are no “LARGE” diaphragm options. When it comes to reproduction accuracy, the smaller the diaphragm the more accurate it can reproduce sound.

Here is a great article by DPA that explains why.

DPA University – Large Versus Small Diaphragm article

As a side note, over the years, I have heard engineers who favor large diaphragm mics suggest that one of the reasons is because a large diaphragm mic can reproduce lows better. This is simply not true. It IS true that cardioid mics suffer from what is called “PROXIMITY EFFECT”:
WIKI – Proximity Effect

I would argue that if you want “accurate” low end response, nothing can compete with a small diaphragm omni. One example is the Earthworks M50 with a frequency specification of (3hz to 50khz +1/-3dB)!