formats forum thread – Generator use in Smaart 7.4

Generator Use in 7.4
“Transfer Function measurements can also be referenced internally to Smaart’s signal generator by enabling “Allow Multi-Device Transfer Function” option on the Transfer Function page of the main Options dialog and selecting the Generator as your reference signal source. In practice there are a few caveats to doing this, again mainly associated with delay times. For one thing, the latency of the measurement system from the output to the input becomes a factor in measuring absolute delay times. (This is generally not a factor when actively recording both input signals.) Another is that the latency through the measurement system may not be consistent from one measurement to the next, meaning you may need to measure the delay again each time you stop and restart the measurement and/or the signal generator. And finally if the measurement signal input and the output used to stimulate the system under test are not identically clocked, then the reference delay time will be subject to drift while measuring, and not just when restarting the measurement.”