FWAFA – Fort Worth, Texas

The PA system at Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts has gone through many different stages since the venue was taken over. Originally the space was a church sanctuary with a small stage and more seats. When the church built a new building and sold the old one to the school, the PA remained AS IS. This was a bad deal because the school extended the stage which put the overhead PA behind the stage:(

At one point the over head speakers (LCR center cluster) were moved to the front of the new stage but they were still high above the audience so the imaging was 90 degrees overhead for the front row of seats. In 2011, the school purchased some QSC KW122 self powered speakers for mains and monitors and they were hung just high enough to stay clear of the FOH lighting positions. About 1/2 as high as the original center cluster.

Much better imaging, a true stereo PA for the mains & side fills, delays, subs processed by a Media Matrix Xframe 88 and (2) 8802 Break out boxes.

The house PA consists of the following:

House Left
House Right
House Left sidefill
House Right sidefill
Subs (2) under the stage
Delays (2) about 2/3 back in the house and in line with the House L/R speakers

Each of these zones is fed from a separate output on Xframe 88. The subs are fed from an Aux send via a 3rd Xframe 88 input.