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The Smaart I-O is a measurement grade 2×2 USB audio interface designed and built specifically for use with Smaart v7 Measurement Software. The I-O features two high-quality, active balanced inputs with 50 dB of computer adjustable gain in precision 1 dB steps. These input gains are monitored directly by Smaart allowing the user to retain accurate SPL calibration while varying measurement signal input levels.

The inputs employ a Neutrik combo jack (XLR / ¼”) to accommodate both mic and line level input signals, each with switchable 48V phantom power on the XLR inputs for measurement mics and a 20 dB pad on the ¼” to accommodate line level signals. The Smaart I-O also features two active balanced XLR outputs capable of providing +8.2 dBu (2 Vrms) max level signal for playback or excitation sources.

Powered by the USB port of your computer (or via the optional 5 VDC jack), the Smaart I-O provides a compact and portable measurement-quality input for your Smaart rig.

A simple control program, included with the product on CD-Rom (or available via download from our website) sets preamp gains and phantom power selection, and automatically integrates with Smaart v.7. The control program also provides firmware update capability and can rename the Smaart I-O at the hardware level – an important feature when using multiple devices with Smaart.

Smaart I-O Features:

•Two (2) Neutrik XLR – ¼“ combo jack inputs:
oComputer controllable 50 dB analog gain in precision 1 dB steps
o Max input (at minimum gain): +6 dBu (XLR), +26 dBu (¼ ”)
o Active balanced with 2k ohm impedance (XLR), 65k ohm (¼ ”)

• Two (2) Active Balanced XLR Outputs
o 150 Ohm impedance o Max Output : +8.2 dBu (2.0 V rms) w/ 100k ohm load

• Frequency Response o Magnitude 16 Hz – 20 kHz, +/- .25 dB
o Phase 16 Hz – 20 kHz, +/- 10 deg

• Sample rate clocks of multiple I-O’s can be linked to allow for device aggregation in Smaart’s dual-channel measurements.

• Bus powering via USB for convenient, single-cable connection to the computer.

• Optional 5 VDC jack in cases of insufficient USB power

• Dimensions 1.75” (h) x 7.25” (w) x 4.25” (d)

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