Meyer Sound – Buford Jones | Mixing Workshop

I just finished a two day mixing workshop with Buford Jones sponsored by Meyer Sound.

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Meyer Sound – education calendar

The event was hosted at Sound Productions in Irving Texas.

Sound Productions – website

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For those of you who might not recognize the name or the face:

Buford Jones Profile

Meyer Sound brought the following gear for the workshop:
(1) Digico SD8 console
(2) Meyer Sound UPJ (junior) for main L/R
(3) Meyer Sound – UPM-1P for rear L/R and front fill
(4) Meyer Sound M1D Subs in a mono cardioid configuration
(1) Meyer Sound Galileo 616 – PA processor
(1) Meyer Sound Sim3 – audio measurement tool
Meyer Rack

Meyer 500HP

Highlights of the workshop include hearing Buford share his board tapes (reproduced on a Meyer PA adjusted for flat frequency response), hearing his stories behind mixing some of the biggest artists of all time and witnessing him in action as he uses multitrack sessions and multimedia to help explain concepts and demonstrate how he approaches a mix from scratch. Buford has a unique perspective in the industry. This workshop is highly recommended!

Once I have time to go through my notes, I’ll provide some information I think is worth repeating…

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Here is a video sample of a different Mixing Workshop with Buford.

Pro Audio Systems & Meyer Sound Seminar Series – Buford Jones 2013