audio DSP units with native audio measurement instruments

While working on another post about digital consoles with built in audio measurement instruments, I was reminded that some audio DSP devices offer audio measurement tools already.

For example, the BIAMP Audia device has a transfer function tool for trouble shooting signals withing the device.

Biamp – audiaflex website

Audiaflex manual PDF

Here is what the manual says about the transfer function tool on page 167 of the PDF.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 12.28.19 AM

So we’re getting there. Having a tranfer function tool inside a DSP is really helpful. Most of the time on a large DSP system, you have to figure out how to measure your various signals pre and post DSP. If in the long run we can get the internal transfer function tools to work with our external tools, that will make optimizing a large and complicated sound system that much easier. If the console and the DSP can share signals digitally and allow for transfer functions between those signals, even better.