Toby Dean Guynn of TOBY Speakers passes away – 033015

Today is a sad day here at…

I just found out that my friend and long time mentor Toby Dean Guynn passed away on March 30th, 2015.

The first time I met Toby, I walked into Toby Speaker Corp on Montgomery with a very simple question. He walked me over to the nearest chalk board and began to explain. I didn’t get the answer I was looking forward. In fact, I think I left with more questions than answers that day. I didn’t realize it at the time but that first Q&A session would lead to a 20+ year friendship with the man. Toby was one of those rare people who understood what he knew very well but was always willing to state “I don’t know…” when he didn’t know something. He was a man who would ride his bike to the bank to make a deposit. A man who never lost his fascination with “good sound” and the pursuit of “better sound”. A musician, artist, recording engineer, inventor and business man who made a career out of selling a good product for a good price with a good warranty. If there is one person who inspired me to strive for being a better sound engineer, gaining better understanding of acoustics, speaker building, recording techniques and just being well rounded, it was Toby.

He will be greatly missed.

Toby Dean Guynn

TOBY Speakers carries onward…

For those interested, here is a reprint of an article about Toby that appeared in the local newspaper a while back:

A Short History of Toby Corp of America