Dog Days – Scott Theater

On Thursday we began the load in process for Dog Days (the opera). On Friday the traveling crew arrived. The sound designer discovered that something was wrong with the HR main speaker. No lows and no highs. The box is a Renkus Heinz (????) which has a 15″ woofer and 2″ driver on a horn. I’ll know more once I measure the cabinet against it’s working counterpart but my guess is that a component on the crossover has failed and the phase between the drivers is off now. Both components are working so it’s not a blown speaker / driver. What do you do when you find a malfunctioning house speaker? Take it down and put up a different one of course!

The system consists of the following:

(2) QSC KW122 speakers hung as L / R for mains.
(1) TOA HX5 4 box mini line array for a center cluster graciously left behind by TCU’s Bill Eckenloft.
(2) QSC KW122 speakers hung for side of stage monitors.
(4) Mackie SRM150 hotspot type speakers in the orchestra area.
(2) Mackie SRM350 rear of house speakers for the helicopter

Today we tuned the system.