Theme park install – 051115

Tomorrow I start an install job at a popular theme park in San Antonio. The park is about to go to a 7 day schedule until end of Summer so the park is busy getting everything ready.

The new PA consists of:

(2) Meyer JM1P arrays (4 boxes per side)
(4) Meyer HP700 subs (2 boxes per side)
(2) Meyer UPQ center fills
(2) Meyer UPQ side fills
(2) Meyer UM1P ???

All DSP will be performed via a Qsys network.


The JM1P is a 20 x 60 degree box and the shape of the box allows them to be arrayed tightly.

With (4) boxes per L / R array that provides 80 degrees of horizontal coverage x 60 degrees of vertical coverage. Add another box and you get 100×60. Another and you get 120×60 etc… I presume you could make a 360×60 array but I’m not sure what good it would do.

Last week I visited the construction site to look at rigging options. In case it’s not clear by now, aiming your speaker correctly must be achieved before any eq / delay / correction is done. Aim your speakers wrong and you might be wasting your time and money.

Once I’m on site I’ll write more.