Recreating an analog EQ setting in a digital plugin

Last night during a ballet tech rehearsal I was asked to do some channel strip EQ on the Midas Venice 240 console. Knowing that the new EQ setting was appropriate for one of the 3 pieces of music, I set out this morning to measure the channel strip settings so that I could process the actual audio in Twisted Wave so that I could bypass the channel strip eq. With an FFT rig like Smaart, Spectrafoo Complete, etc…the process is accurate and doesn’t take much to achieve.

For the purpose, I used my Metric Halo ULN2 (2 channel audio interface). I used output 1 to feed a channel input on the console. I used ULN2 – output 2 to send pink noise out of the ULN2 and back into the ULN2 via input 2 (a loop). I took the direct out of the console channel and returned it to ULN2 – input 1. This setup allows me to measure only the console channel strip which is the simplest signal path to measure the channel eq.

INSERT photo of channel strip and the results from measuring…