Steely Dan in Dallas this weekend

It appears that sound veteran Mark Dowdle will be @ FOH this weekend for Steely Dan’s concert at Gexa Amphitheater in Dallas Texas.

What does Steely Dan’s engineer use to check the PA system?

Find out here:

Pro Sound News – Pursuit Of Perfection: Concert Sound For Steely Dan’s Summer Tour


“As with most FOH engineers of Dowdle’s vintage and background, Steely Dan’s catalog and Donald Fagen’s solo album The Nightfly are standards for tuning and evaluating sound systems. To answer the perennial question, “what’s used on a Steely Dan tour to tune the PA?” he replies that he uses Steely Dan live every day during sound check.
But prior to that, he plays Thomas Dolby’s “My Brain is Like a Sieve” from Aliens Ate My Buick and Frank Zappa’s “Lucielle” from Joe’s Garage, which has a very natural sounding vocal. A Shure KSM9 condenser mic then helps in the fine-tuning of its response.”


Funny. Aliens Ate My Buick is easily in my top 10 recordings of all time and I used it just last weekend in Allentown PA to check my PA.