Classical Mystery Tour – Beaumont Texas

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 12.44.50 PM

The trace above is from a venue in Beaumont Texas where I worked with Classical Mystery Tour & the SOST. The pink trace represents the house left side of the PA. The yellow trace represents house right side. Obviously there is something wrong with the house left side of the PA. I was sent a text the night before the gig revealing there was a problem so I knew I had to deal with it before I arrived. Due to the tight orchestra rehearsal schedule & arriving from Lubbock that morning on a plane, I had to get thru a band sound check and then an orchestra rehearsal before I was able to measure the PA. The band typically does a last minute warm up on stage before doors open so I knew I could hear the band again but didn’t want to change the PA balance too much. I also didn’t have time to try to address the cause of the low end drop off with the house left side of the PA. I ended up using the console (Yamaha M7CL-48) parametric EQ to split the difference between the two sides.