Meyer Sound – SIM 3 eBay sighting

Solotech Meyer Sound SIM 3 rig 1

I recently came across this Meyer Sound SIM 3 rig on Ebay. It had already sold but the listing gives a glimpse of how valuable a rig still is and shows some of the accessories that can be added to a base system to expand the number of inputs and outputs that can be compared:


“This listing is for a used Meyer Sound SIM 3 audio analyzer system in perfect condition. The system includes one(1) SIM 3 3022 unit, one(1) SIM 3 3088 multi-channel line switcher and one(1) SIM 3 3081 8-channel mic switcher. Also provided is two 10’ DB-25 to XLRF and 2 10’ DB-25 to XLRM cables, Powercon connectors, a 2U drawer and a 6U rack case. This is a self-contained system that doesn’t require a computer as the proprietary software is running from the hardware. You only need to plug a VGA monitor on the back of the 3022 unit and a mouse on the front. The perfect solution for anybody wanting a self-contained portable system not tied to a computer.”

Solotech Meyer Sound SIM 3 rig 2

Solotech Meyer Sound SIM 3 rig 3