Indianapolis Zoo – Dolphin exhibit

I just got back from a quick trip to the Indianapolis Zoo to help with some sound system upgrades and to add a video screen and projector.

The sound system consists of the existing EV cabinets that were previously installed by another vendor. We added front fills and delay speakers to cover all the seating.

I’ll add specifics later but in essence we had (4) piece to put together.

There are (4) QSC speaker on each side of the Dolphin pool separated by the slide out for a total of (8) front fills fed as two zone via 70v amp.

There are (8) QSC speakers near the ceiling covering the highest 5 rows of seats. (2) zones.

There are (4) EV mains & (2) EV subs.

We discovered that the EV speakers were NOT EQ via the EV DX-38 DSP unit. All EQ on the existing system was bypassed. Just by tuning the existing system, the venue was upgraded to useful status. The EV cabinets used for mains were not able to cover enough territory by themselves but with the addition of front fills and delays, the current system is surprisingly good.

We equalized the front fills & delays using the built in DSP on the QSC CDX 4.3 amp.