Arthur Skudra 2015 – first contact

ARthur Skudra is a Rational Acoustics Smaart instructor among other things: – Arthur Skudra profile

Based on multiple posts to the Rational Acoustics forum Arthur has made on the subject of using Line 6 wireless gear for audio measurement purposes, I emailed him a few days ago to ask him what his current thoughts were. Come to find out he likely has the largest Line 6 measurement rig in the world at 5+ channels. At this point using Line 6 wireless gear for audio measurements is a departure from the industry standard “tried and true” Lectrosonics gear and doing so requires a bit of courage & experimentation to get it all to work. His response was both quick and lengthy, providing all the details one could hope for. I would share the information here and now but Arthur stated that he’s working on an official document on the subject so I’ll let him get that all done and then provide access to that information. In the meantime the good news is that it works (given the right gear and configuration). More soon…