RF Venue – RF Explorer Rack Pro arrives

Today was an RF scanner party at my house. Not only did the RF Explorer Rack Pro I ordered arrive (which includes Clear Waves software license) but a short while later the SMA to BNC adapters I ordered off eBay showed up too. When I ordered the Rack Pro, I also ordered a spare antenna to try with my existing RF Explorer WSUB1G handheld unit. In order to use the Rack Pro antenna, I needed an SMA to BNC adapter.

Consequently, I was able to experiment with the RF Explorer Rack Pro / Clear Waves combination and also try out the Rack Pro antenna on my RF Explorer WSUB1G handheld tied to Vantage software. Based on my initial tests, it appears there is about a 5db sensitivity increase using the Rack Pro BNC antenna when compared with the stock Nagoya N-773 antenna that comes with an RF Explorer WSUB1G. What this means in real terms is that the provided data using the Rack Pro antenna is more accurate and shows things that don’t even register with the stock antenna. This isn’t to say that the stock antenna isn’t useful but that the Rack Pro antenna is a welcome addition to the kit.

I also ordered some BNC 50ohm termination adapters to protect my Rack Pro from overload when it’s not in use.