Color coded measurement mics

I don’t recall who told me they color code their measurement mics but it’s a great idea and one that I’ve adopted to keep track of which mic is which. For the color choice, I’ll follow the resistor color code which is a carry over from my days at SHOWCO. If you knew the resistor color code you could assemble and troubleshoot a SHOWCO sound system as all the amps, speakers and cables were color coded.
WIKI – Electronic Color Code
Resistor Color Code
Audix mics color coded
It’s important to note that these mics don’t measure the same in frequency response or sensitivity.
Here is a screen capture of all (6) measurement mics (plus a TF1) for a reference without adjusting for sensitivity differences.
Audix measurement mic no offsets
This is the same traces after I’ve manually adjust the trace offsets in an attempt to match them. Notice the difference in the high frequency range.
Audix measurement mic comparison offsets