Meyer Sound – SIM3 rig for sale

To Whom It May Concern, this Meyer Sound SIM3 rig is for sale.

Seller states: “The unit has been sparingly used the past four years and has been kept at my house. I have over $10K invested and asking $6K for all components shown.” Contact the seller directly if you’re interested:
SIM3b contact information

SIM3b 01
SIM3b Earthworks matched pair
SIM3b 02
SIM3b 03
SIM3b 04
SIM3b 05
SIM3b 06
SIM3b 07SIM3b cable 08
SIM3b cable 07
SIM3b cable 06
SIM3b cable 05
SIM3b cable 04
SIM3b cable 03
SIM3b cable 02

SIM3b cable 01