Roland Octa-Capture versus Studio-Capture

I recently learned that the Roland Studio Capture can’t power more than (8) Earthworks mics which is the same as a Roland Octa Capture. With that in mind, IF you are using Earthworks mics, you would be buying a larger device with more mic preamps that won’t do you any good. If you’re looking for a device for measurement purposes and not planning on using Earthworks mics, the additional 4 mic pres may be useful.

Based on the recommendations of trustworthy measurement engineers that already own and use the Roland Octa-Capture device, I am strongly considering purchasing one or more for portable measurement purposes. The one thing that is stopping me at this point is the 8×8 limitation of the device. For measurement purposes you’re typically going to use one input / output for a reference signal loop. That leaves you with (7) mic inputs which isn’t enough for serious measurement purposes.
Roland Octa-Capture front
Roland Octa-Capture back

The Roland Studio-Capture on the other hand is a 16×10 audio interface that includes (12) mic inputs. Not as portable but it has it’s charm.
Roland Studio Capture front
Roland Studio-Capture back
12 mic inputs in one portable device would be very useful for measurement purposes as well as recording. I’m waiting to hear back from a fellow engineer who just purchased a Studio-Capture and will report back once he has verified the device meets his requirements. The price difference between the two devices isn’t terribly far apart and having 12 instead of 8 mic inputs may just be worth the extra investment. More soon.