If Bad Sound Were Fatal

If Bad Sound Were Fatal - Audio Would Be The Leading Cause Of Death


“If Bad Sound Were Fatal, Audio Would be the Leading Cause of Death is about the “mind set” surrounding the most successful education idea in the audio industry, started by Don & Carolyn Davis, the founders of Synergetic Audio Concepts. Taken from over twenty years of Syn-Aud-Con Newsletters, If Bad Sound Were Fatal– is the non technical side of what was shared world-wide with thousands of Syn-Aud-Con “grads.” It is a look at what inspired, thrilled, educated, re-directed, and entertained those on the journey to professionalism in audio and acoustics. It is what the Davises found interesting, both in their own experiences and in the experiences of their grads. Liberally annotated with 2003 comments on the original articles, it reveals the humorous, the travel experiences, philosophy, management mishaps, mistakes and myths, and is a cornucopia of shared synergetic insights on everything from audio to xylophones. There is a heavy dose of history of audio giants, many of whom the Davises knew personally, and the explosion of audio knowledge moving the audio industry out of the 1920s into the 21st century. The majority of the book can serve as an “ink blot” of diverse individuals who shared what amused, entertained and informed them. If you approach this book logically, you’re doomed to failure. It is an extreme case of “free association” reminiscences.”