JBL Vertec measurements

A fellow Smaart user invited me to go to a venue to measure their JBL Vertec array while it was done for cleaning and while we were their I suggested we test all the other speakers in the building. Glad we did because we found a cabinet with blown Mid / High, a cabinet with Low wired out of polarity with Mid / High, a cabinet with Mid wired out of polarity, a cabinet with a weak / damaged high driver…

On Wednesday, I visited a local venue with a fellow Smaart user to test some JBL Vertec VT4887a cabinets that were on the deck for cleaning. In order to signal each driver, we fed an amp with directly from Smaart and used that amp output to feed the various speakers. To test the low/mid drivers, a standard NL4 speakon wired Pin 1+/- to Pin 1 +/- was used. In order to test the high drivers, an NL4 speakon cable wired Pin 1+/- to 2+/- was necessary. Consequently, there are no full range traces.