Understanding phase

I have known since the beginning that the final frontier of audio measurements and system optimization is a firm grasp of how phase works and how to manipulate it properly. It’s also one of the hardest parts of the pursuit for me. Maybe I am special:) we cannot ignore our weaknesses and continue to make progress so the rest of 2016 I will study phase harder than ever before. Below are the top results when I do a google search for “understanding phase”. I’ve included one entry about phase diagrams that in theory will have nothing to do with audio phase but maybe it will. No reason to limit the exploration until we know that “phase” isn’t a universal concept whether it be related to the moon, gases or audio.

Here are links to the top results I get in Google when I type in “Understanding Phase” on 081616.

youtube – Understanding Phase – Part 1 by Bob McCarthy
youtube – Understanding Phase – Part 2 by Bob McCarthy – Phase Demystified by Mike Senior – Understanding Audio Phase and Correcting Issues by Daniel Keller – Understanding Phase Part 1 : Making Sound Visible by Bob McCarthy – Understanding Phase by Barry Gardner – Phase Diagrams by Sal Khan – Audio & Music Production Concepts: Understanding Phase by Rishabh Rajan