The Audyssey Tuning System

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audyssey ats – Audyssey Tuning System


The Audyssey Tuning System is the newest and most advanced way for manufacturers to optimize sound. Exciting stuff, if you’re the type of nerd who gets excited by ground-breaking audio engineering.

The ATS technology bundle is designed to be implemented at the factory level, so automobile and electronics companies can tune their products directly off the line to provide their consumers with optimized and consistent sound. We’re bringing innovation to industry by making it a fully integrated part of any industry’s manufacturing process.

ATS begins with MultEQ, Audyssey’s revolutionary space equalization software. Except a traditional MultEQ uses a single microphone. MultEQ on ATS uses 8 microphones and records chirps simultaneously. So if you’re a geek, you already love it. ATS is processing audio information in multiple locations, from multiple directions, not just averaging for a sweet spot, but precisely mimicking the actual listening experience. That’s a lot of information. So a job that used to take literally days, now can be done in about 45 minutes. And by the time audio engineers take and record all the acoustic measurements they want in all the places they need, they’ve not only lost time and added work, but they’ve also ended up with a number that’s significantly less accurate. Our technology is making manufacturers’ jobs easier and smarter. We call that applied intelligence.

And with ATS the whole thing is done in real time. Pretty cool. See Audyssey Tuning System lets audio engineers experiment and hear the changes as they make them. Applying filters to one output affects every other and a manual adjustment is not only tedious, but with the 64 channels that ATS is built to handle, it’s downright impossible. Every time a filter is applied to one part of the audio chain, ATS technology reads the cluster and rebalances all the other affected aspects. It’s like ten thousand techies, nerding-out at precisely same time.

Now add in technologies like Audyssey’s Volume Extension and Dynamic Volume, and the speaker performance kicks in to a warp-drive.

Audyssey Tuning System is the result of a list of technologies combined with years of research into psychoacoustics. While manufactures need to balance their sound perfectly, at Audyssey, we have a passion for making sure that perfectly is how it’s heard. From how the audio is produced to the way it’s processed, Audyssey is the journey to great sound.