Cable testers

When I was starting my pro audio career in the late 1980’s there was little in the way of cable testers on the market. My first cable tester was a Whirlwind Tester. At the time it seemed really useful but it was pretty limited when compared to what is available now. Here is a list of links to some of the cable testers on the market. You’ll notice that some of the designs appear to be exactly the same cable tester with a different model #. You also note that some of these testers can test a large variety of cables (not just audio).

Behringer CT100

Behringer CT200

dbx CT-2

dbx CT-3

Ebtech 6-in-1 Cable Tester

Elite Core OSP CR-02

Elite Core OSP CT-04C



Kopul CBT-12

Kopul CBT-8

Kopul CBT-MF

Palmer AHMCT8



Pyle Pro PCT10

Pyle Pro PCT40

Pyle Pro PCT60

Rapco Horizon CD-100

Rapco Horizon HCT-LD

Rapco Horizon HCT-BD

Rat Sound – XLR Sniffer / Sender cable tester

Rat Sound – 1/4″ Sniffer / Sender cable tester

Rat Sound – NL4 Sniffer / Sender cable tester

Velleman VTTEST14

Velleman VTTEST15

Whirlwind Cab Driver

Whirlwind Qbox-AES

Whirlwind MCT-7

Whirlwind SC48RJ

Whirlwind Xchecker

If there are others that you use and would recommend, feel free to contact me and I’ll add them.