The chords of the universe

I came across this article while looking for a chart showing musical notes and their related wavelengths. In order to master the art of sound system design and optimization, we need to pursue an understanding of the physics and the related math. Special thanks are owed to Fourier for paving the way for us!

The chords of the universe –

“But the definitive solution to the string problem had to wait another half-century, when the eminent French mathematical physicist Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier (1768-1830) showed that every periodic function, subject to certain restrictions, can be written as an infinite sum of pure sine waves, whose frequencies are integral multiples of the fundamental, lowest frequency of the function. These individual sine waves are known as overtones or harmonics; they are the building blocks of all sound, and they give each sound its characteristic tone colour, or timbre – the quality that distinguished the sound of a violin from that of a clarinet, even when they play the same note.”