“How To Tune Your Own Sound System” – July 27, 2018 by Blair McNair

This workshop came up on FaceBook last week:

July 27, 2018

I was curious who the instructor was so I wrote and asked. The response:

“How to Tune Your Own Sound System will be taught by Blair McNair, who was the product manager for the TEF analyzer at Crown for several years.”

If you’re interested in attending this event, register here:

How to tune your own sound system – July 27, 2018


Stonebridge UMC
1800 S. Stonebridge Dr
McKinney, TX 75070
Church: 972-529-5601

July 27, 2018
Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Doors open at 8:30 AM

Here is a quote from the invitation:

“During this class we’ll talk about…

• How to Ring Out the System (by Ear)

• Getting help from a Real Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTA)

• Using Time Delay Spectrometry. Really? (Yep!)

• How about SysTune, Smaart, or other dual FFT analyzers?

• And we’ll present tips on how to choose a loudspeaker.

So where does that leave YOU?

Smoothing out the frequency response of the loudspeaker system will not only improve your “gain-before-feedback”, but when done properly, the loudspeaker system will just sound better.

Are you prepared to tackle your loudspeaker system yourself, or should you call in a professional?

Without question, tuning a complex loudspeaker system is best left to the skills of a seasoned audio consultant.

They have the experience to know how to evaluate a loudspeaker system, what to listen for, the ability to discern which issues are related to the loudspeakers and which are related to the room acoustics, and they have the (seriously expensive) test equipment to explore and confirm how best to resolve such issues.

But let’s say that you serve in a small church, and maybe your loudspeaker system comprises one flown loudspeaker, or maybe two loudspeakers on stands flanking the platform.

Those loudspeakers still need careful tuning, but your pastor cringes at the thought of paying a professional to tune the loudspeaker system.

If that describes your situation, and if you are up for the task, then let’s talk. Maybe there’s a way that we can help you tune the system yourself.

On that note, here’s some good news for you. It just so happens that we have a one-day class coming up designed specifically for you titled “How to Tune Your Own Sound System!”

It’s scheduled for Friday, July 27th, in McKinney, Texas (on the north side of the Dallas – Ft Worth metro area), hosted by our friends at Stonebridge UMC.

Registration is now open, and we encourage you to grab your seat quickly.”

Maybe I’ll see you there!