Multi language support for wordpress websites – take 2

My first attempt at multi language support for this website was based on a wordpress plugin that requires a fee after the trial period. It is not out of the question to pay for a translation service but if a fee can be avoided, why not. So I read some reviews of various paid and free wordpress plugins and decided to try one that simply relies on Google Translate to do the translation work.

Unlike the previous plugin which created a new website for each chosen language, the google translate plugin just translates the whole website AS IS in place. There may be a downside to this approach but at this point I can’t think of one so.
Here it is… – with multi language support

I’m curious to see how it works for visitors in other languages. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

To select different languages, there should be an orange “TRANSLATE” tab at the bottom right of the website. It looks like this:

If you want to add multi language support to your wordpress website via the Google Translate plugin, this link explains how. – how to add google translate in wordpress

Sound Systems – Design and Optimization 3rd edition eBook

For anyone interested in getting the ebook version of Bob McCarthy’s latest edition of Sound Systems – Design & Optimization, the publisher has it on sale right now for around $55 USD. A 30% discount!!! Not sure how long the sale will last so if you’ve been wanting the eBook version, now is the time. I own the paperback and the kindle version. Glad to have both of them for different reasons. Follow this link: Sound Systems – Design and Optimization 3rd Edition
If the eBook is no longer on sale try using “SSD20” without the quotes as a discount code for a 20% discount at check out

Rat Sound SuperSub 30″ and Powersoft M-Force motor

Dave Rat recently revealed a new 30″ subwoofer design based around the Powersoft M-Force moving magnet linear motor driver.The M-Force driver is fundamentally different than previous driver technology. Should be a game changer in the high SPL concert sound arena. – dave’s post 010817 – dave’s post 010617 – M Force datasheet PDF – M Force User Guide PDF
AES 9060 PDF – A novel moving magnet linear motor
AES 91646 PDF – Subwoofer design with moving magnet linear motor

Interested in owning some SDS30 yourself? – SDS30 information form

Multi language support for wordpress websites

During a recent exchange between myself and Fedel de Marco about our measurement related websites, I realized that there might be way via a wordpress plugin to have translations of our sites created automatically. I’ve been copying text from his website and pasting it into google translate manually to be able to read his Italian blog paragraph by paragraph.
Fedele De Marco’s “Il lato oscuro della fase / the dark side of the stage” website
Surely there must be a better way…
Bingo! – Make your website multilingual
Via the trial version of the weglot translation plugin (limited to one language & 2000 words), I was able to create a mirror website in Italian in a matter of a few minutes with very little effort on my part.
To access the Italian version of the site you can either select it at the bottom of any page of the English version or you can access it directly with this link. Note that due to the 2000 word limit of the trial version of the plugin, very little of the website is being translated into Italian. From what I can tell, the home page is. Not sure what else. – Italian version
If you are interested in accessing the AM website in a different language, let me know which one. I assume I can shut off the Italian version and add support for a different language without cost to test how well it works for someone. There is a cost involved if I decide to support multiple languages so I’m going to take it slow in implementing other languages until I understand how it works and how much interest there is and how many languages I would need to support. It is not out of the question for me to fund multi language support myself. Here are the various costs involved. I may already have enough words on the AM website to be forced to move to a professional weglot account. Here is the various levels with pricing.

Here is a list of languages that the weglot plugin supports: – supported languages

Smaart Di2 is born

For anyone interested in building a measurement rig and getting their feet wet, Rational Acoustic’s Smaart DI has been a good place to start. Picture Smaart for teenagers. Purposely simplified to make the process quick and easy. Rational Acoustics has just announced that Smaart Di2 will be released on January 24th, 2017.

This is what the website has to say about Smaart Di2.
“The latest addition to the dual-channel Smaart “Di” platform – Smaart Di v2 – will be released on January 24th, 2017. Smaart Di v2 takes the simplified, streamlined two-channel interface from Smaart v7 Di and modernizes it with many of the features and enhancements developed for Rational Acoustics’ flagship multi-channel Smaart v8 program.”

read more here: – Smaart Di2 coming soon

Pricing and upgrades: – Smaart Di2 pricing
Once Smaart Di2 is released, I would recommend anyone that doesn’t already have a measurement app, download the appropriate demo here and take it for a drive. If you have questions on how to set it up or take measurements, contact me. – Smaart demos

Aurasound – Neo Radial Technology

I’m on the hunt for a driver that can produce full range sound so that I can build a reference speaker for my bench measurement setup. Why a single driver? No crossover, no inherent phase issues, no time alignment discrepancies, etc…For this purpose, I am considering the Aurasound NS3 193 8a: – AuraSound NS3-193-8A
AuraSound NS3-193-8A Specifications PDF

Below is a link to a white paper PDF that explains the technology used to manufacture AuraSound speakers. Well worth reading…

AuraSound NRT Whitepaper PDF
aurasound website