Multi language support for wordpress websites

During a recent exchange between myself and Fedel de Marco about our measurement related websites, I realized that there might be way via a wordpress plugin to have translations of our sites created automatically. I’ve been copying text from his website and pasting it into google translate manually to be able to read his Italian blog paragraph by paragraph.
Fedele De Marco’s “Il lato oscuro della fase / the dark side of the stage” website
Surely there must be a better way…
Bingo! – Make your website multilingual
Via the trial version of the weglot translation plugin (limited to one language & 2000 words), I was able to create a mirror website in Italian in a matter of a few minutes with very little effort on my part.
To access the Italian version of the site you can either select it at the bottom of any page of the English version or you can access it directly with this link. Note that due to the 2000 word limit of the trial version of the plugin, very little of the website is being translated into Italian. From what I can tell, the home page is. Not sure what else. – Italian version
If you are interested in accessing the AM website in a different language, let me know which one. I assume I can shut off the Italian version and add support for a different language without cost to test how well it works for someone. There is a cost involved if I decide to support multiple languages so I’m going to take it slow in implementing other languages until I understand how it works and how much interest there is and how many languages I would need to support. It is not out of the question for me to fund multi language support myself. Here are the various costs involved. I may already have enough words on the AM website to be forced to move to a professional weglot account. Here is the various levels with pricing.

Here is a list of languages that the weglot plugin supports: – supported languages