Smaart Di2 is born

For anyone interested in building a measurement rig and getting their feet wet, Rational Acoustic’s Smaart DI has been a good place to start. Picture Smaart for teenagers. Purposely simplified to make the process quick and easy. Rational Acoustics has just announced that Smaart Di2 will be released on January 24th, 2017.

This is what the website has to say about Smaart Di2.
“The latest addition to the dual-channel Smaart “Di” platform – Smaart Di v2 – will be released on January 24th, 2017. Smaart Di v2 takes the simplified, streamlined two-channel interface from Smaart v7 Di and modernizes it with many of the features and enhancements developed for Rational Acoustics’ flagship multi-channel Smaart v8 program.”

read more here: – Smaart Di2 coming soon

Pricing and upgrades: – Smaart Di2 pricing
Once Smaart Di2 is released, I would recommend anyone that doesn’t already have a measurement app, download the appropriate demo here and take it for a drive. If you have questions on how to set it up or take measurements, contact me. – Smaart demos