House of Blues Dallas – “Bricks In The Wall” Pink Floyd tribute 09/06/14 pre show measurements

HOB stage

The house audio engineer Coy provided us with the following inputs into the house sound system and the house EQs were flattened so we could make all adjustments at the X32 console. Note that there is more processing inherent to the amps that we didn’t touch:

Main L – (8) box Sound Bridge Xyon 7208 XY array
Main R – (8) box Sound Bridge Xyon 7208 XY array
Subs – (8) Sound Bridge Xyon subs (4) double 18″ cabinets PER SIDE
Delay row 1 – (2) EV boxes just behind FOH mix position
Delay row 2 – (4) EV boxes further under balcony
Front Fills – (2) EV XW-12 wedges on end cross firing

We started out my measuring the Main R array on axis. Notice the abundance of low mid content.

HOB HR main no eq

We did some complimentary EQ to the mains and moved the mic around a bit to make sure the change helped universally.

I forgot to take any snapshots during this process. Next time.

Next we measured the subs (all 8 of them). Notice the LF level was quite a bit above the 0db line. The second trace was after a reduction at the send to the subs to balance them out with the mains.

HOB subs pre and post level adjustment

When we combined the Main L/R and the subs we got this trace. Note there is an abundance of LM content between 150hz and 250hz. We made a few more adjustments after the measurement.

HOB main L:R and subs

Next we EQed the underbalc delay speakers. This trace is a before eq and after eq.

HOB delays pre and post eq

We also did a bit of complimentary EQ to the front fills but I didn’t save a snapshot for that measurement. We used the impulse response measurement to set the delay time between the front fills and the main L/R. We actually muted the Main L side and unplugged one of the front fills. Then restored them.
With plenty of time left, I placed a second mic in the balcony to see if the changes we made to the mains to correct the response on the floor were satisfactory upstairs. Sort of. This trace includes (3) measurements with the mic at the balcony rail, mid way up in the seating and another at the back of the balcony. Note that all 3 measurements show too much LM content in the 150hz to 400hz range. We reduced that frequency area a bit more in the Main L/R processing to balance out the response on the floor and the balc.

HOB HR main balc near mid and far

This is the complimentary EQ curves for the Mains, Front Fills and Delays.


HOB main PA eq


HOB front fills eq


HOB delays eq

Since the entire band is on IEMs, there was no monitor mixes to measure and correct.

We listened to some multitrack show audio previously recorded with Reaper to check our system tuning. Things seemed to be in the ball park.

A bit about the show itself.

X32 Input list:
01. Kick
02. Snare
03. Hat
04. Tom 1
05. Tom 2/3
06. Floor 1
07. Floor 2
08. Roto Toms
09. OH SR
10. OH SL
11. Bass
12. Bass Synth
13. Keys L
14. Keys R
15. Sampler L
16. Sampler R
17. GTR SR
18. GTR SL
19. ACC SR
20. ACC SL
21. Rotor SR
22. Rotor SL
24. Sax
25. Vox 1
26. Vox 2
27. Vox 3
28. Vox 4
29. Vox 5
30. Vox 6
31. Vox 7
32. Vox 8
33. Vox Verb L
34. Vox Verb R
35. Delay L
36. Delay R
39. Sampler from HSE
40. Click

HOB band setup

Sound check came and went without any need for PA adjustment and we took dinner.

More in another post.