House of Blues Dallas – “Bricks In The Wall” Pink Floyd tribute 09/06/14 show

When we returned to the venue, there was already a growing crowd. I’d struck my measurement rig before we left for dinner so I don’t have any data to share but the show itself was quite good which is the real proof that your measurement and corrective process has worked. The sound check had been a bit loud and a bit bright for my ears but those issues were resolved when the crowd arrived. This is to be expected since the venue is mostly hard surfaces (hardwood floors, hard walls, hard ceilings, hard balcony rail face, etc…) and the crowd is mostly soft:)


Most of the notes I took for the show (yes I take notes when I watch shows) had more to do with musician related stuff than sound and the sound things I noted were notes Jay already had for himself. Given the circumstances, Jay did a great job. The crowd was uber happy and I am glad I had the chance to see the show and measure the PA.


One of the points that Buford Jones makes during his Mixing Workshop is that if you are both the system tech and the mix engineer, you need to be able to take off the system tech hat and put on the mixing hat when the show starts. In this case, I was able to wear the system engineer hat and Jay was able to wear the mixing hat. If you do the math, (2) people with (2) hours can do double the amount of work that (1) person can do in (2) hours. Try doing your next gig with some extra help and ignoring the financial consequences, see if you don’t have a better day.


Video clips from the show coming soon…