Madison Theatre @ Molloy College, Rockville Center Long Island

I’m currently in Rockville Center NY doing “Live and Let Die” at the Madison Theatre on the Molloy College campus.

Madison Theater website


One of the things this gig has reminded me is that good intentions don’t get you to the finish line. The venue spent about $18,000 upgrading their theater sound package and we still ran out of mic cable before we made every connection. There are mic cables that are running tightly across the stage causing a trip hazard. AC for stand lights are tight. There wasn’t enough sub snakes to avoid using 50′ to home run things. It’s just the hard way to do things.

The house tech document shows X gear but not all of it is in the building and not all of it has been delivered and not all of it is actually what was described.

Tomorrow I will attempt to measure the PA even though the sound check and orchestra rehearsal are over. Just out of my own curiosity.

More soon.