Shure Vocal Master VA300-S speaker column

I grew up with the Shure Vocal Master VA300-S speaker column. My parents band used (2) of them and now I own those same cabinets. Each cabinet encloses (2) 10″ speakers at the ends of the cabinet and (4) 8″ speakers in between those. They’re all wired in a series / parallel combination for a 16 ohm load. There was a companion 1/2 column speaker option called a VA301-S which was literally 1/2 of a VA300-S. It was wired for a 32 ohm load and was meant for stage monitors. Because the VA301-S cabinet was 32 ohms it acted as a parasite load on the same amp as the VA300-S cabinets.

Here is the specs for the cabinet:

Shure Vocal Master VA300-S specs

140 degree horizontal coverage x 65 degree vertical coverage? I guess one could argue that the VA300-S is a “line arrays”. Not really but sort of.

Shure Vocal Master VA300-S wiring diagram

Shure Vocal Master VA300S inside back view

I’ll measure the cabinets I have and post the results here soon.