Metric Halo 3D upgrade and MH Link

Being a Metric Halo user now for about 5 years, I’ve been anxiously waiting for find out more about their announced new hardware upgrade. The idea is that you will be able to use your Metric Halo hardware on different computers and with them all networked together, share audio between them all with low latency. Need (16) inputs on the drum riser? You could drop a Mac Book Pro and (2) 2882. Need 48 inputs in the pit? (Mac Mini in a rack and (6) 2882s). Etc…

Kinda like Dante but Metric Halocentric.

Moving away from Firewire and to USB3/USB2 class compliant so any of their audio devices can be used with Mac, PC, Linux or iOS.

From a live audio perspective, this is exciting because you could run single CAT5 cable runs around the building instead of mic cable to measure large systems.

Here are (2) video links where Metric Halo’s BJ Buchalter explains about the concept:

BJ Buchalter discusses MH Link and MH router – part 1

BJ Buchalter discusses MH Link and MH router – part 2