Genelec 1029a / HT205 self powered reference monitors – discontinued

Genelec 1029a

My favorite “little” self powered speaker pair is the Genelec 1029 and it’s twin sister the HT205. The difference being that the 1029a has XLR and TRS inputs. The HT205 has XLR and RCA. Sorta handy some times…

5″ woofer / 3/4″ tweeter. 40 watts / 40 watts.

1029a webpage
1029a Spec Sheet
1029a Data Sheet

HT205 webpage
HT205 Specs
HT205 Operating Manual PDF
HT205 Acoustic Axis PDF

To be clear Genelec makes better sounding small speakers that are affordable so I wouldn’t run out and buy a used pair of 1029a or HT205 but for their size, they sound nice. Great for general listening.

There are some undesirable attributes that are inherent to the design. Note the frequency response weirdness between 1k and 3.5k. I’m definitely not looking for a reference monitor that has a 3db jump at 1500hz and another at 2500hz. Note how the BASS TILT switch affects the low end. This is a perfect example of why you need to be able to measure your speakers in the location they are. How would you set the BASS TILT switches by ear? Also note the TREBLE TILT response (ON/OFF) which effects HF above about 7k. Measure, measure, measure…

Genelec 1029a frequency response