A hunt for a 4″ speaker with a flat frequency response

I visited my friend and retiree Toby Guynn of TOBY Speaker” fame to discuss guitar speakers this morning. I left with a lot more information than I expected to glean which is always nice! Toby knows a lot about music and speakers and acoustics and such. He is one of those people who takes time to explain things and even says, “I don’t know” on occasion which is rare. A person who if you asked a question, you would likely be led to the nearest chalk board and be presented with a diagram.

One concept Toby presented has to do with speaker cone reflections. Basically depending on the size of a speaker, it acts as a piston up to a certain frequency and then stops being a piston and becomes something else. At a certain frequency the sound begins to “skip” along the cone which causes modes (distortion). The smaller the speaker, the higher the frequency of the first mode.