Earthworks M30BX

I’ve been intrigued by the Earthworks M30BX since it was release about 10 years ago. It’s essentially an M30 measurement mic with a built in mic preamp so the output is line level. What this means is that the mic can be used to interface with an Ipad or Iphone or Laptop without any external audio interface.

Ignoring the M30BX, all other Earthworks microphones require 10ma of 48vdc. This is the maximum allowed by the P48 standard and reveals one of the reasons Earthworks mics sound the way they do. Headroom.

The one downside is that many audio interfaces don’t provide enough current to use an Earthworks mic. Some will run one mic but not two. Others provide 15vdc or some other voltage which means that an Earthworks mic isn’t running at it’s true potential.

With the M30BX all that is resolved.

Yesterday I purchased an M30BX to move in the direction of wireless measurement. With regards to the industry standard Lectrosonics TM400 kit, having an M30BX will resolve any voltage / current issues.

My plan is to get a Line 6 XD-75 wireless mic kit and interface the M30BX with that system. I know it’s possible because others have done it. My aim is to do it myself and then share how to do it with others.

Stay tuned