BPH analog ghost noises 121214

A venue where I frequently work feeds the house BSS London Blue DSP units via AES off their Soundcraft Vi6.

bph bss

(4) BLU – 160 (one is a powered down spare)
(2) BLU – BIB
(1) BLU – BOB

The BIBs are used when visiting shows have analog outputs such as my rig. There is currently a strange ghost like noise that is present in the PA when the analog inputs are used.

Here is a screenshot of the Spectragram measurement of the sound:

BSS Ghost noise

Here is a sample of the sound:

I can convert the outputs from my Midas console into AES via a Metric Halo box I own and I may do that but I’ll be at the venue for the rest of the year and there are other shows coming soon that will use the BIB inputs so it’s prudent to figure out what is causing the noise and resolve it as soon as possible.

We will be doing some troubleshooting once we’re through the weekend and I’ll report back with more information.