Classical Mystery Tour – Miller Symphony Hall / Allentown PA part 1

Spent the morning and afternoon flying to Allentown PA for a Classical Mystery Tour show tomorrow. Fortunately the crew was already mostly set up when I arrived so tomorrow will be a much more enjoyable experience. Same day loadins, setups, sound checks, orchestra rehearsals, shows, strikes are to be avoided when ever possible.

Sound provider – Bluechip Sound.

Blue Chip Sound

The main PA consists of a (6) box per side ground stack EAW KF730 Line Array, (2) EAW subs. EAW processing. Monitoring is a mixture os IEM, EAW Microwedges and Galaxy HotSpots. (2) Yamaha CL5 consoles (FOH and monitor land), (2) RIO 3216 stage boxes for 64 x 32 inputs / outputs @ the stage. I used (2) local inputs to feed stereo music and pink noise into the system. I placed (2) Earthworks TC40K measurement mics. One on axis of the HL array about 1/3 of the way back in the house. The other on axis but next to FOH. This way I could easily compare the difference and understand whether or not my adjustments in the nearfield worked near the back of the room. FOH position was a sort of worst case scenario. Near the back wall, in a corner, under a deep balcony.

During the setup period, I was able to get a basic idea of what the system measured like without any board EQ. I was shown that the CL5 has an 8 band parametric EQ which I inserted on the stereo L/R bus. I’d already tried using the stock 4 band but couldn’t achieve what I needed to do.

The venue is an old burlesque theater built in the late 1800s. It has been renovated but the actual theater itself is mostly untouched.