Texas Ballet Theater @ Winspear Opera House – Dracula

I’m back at the Winspear Opera House with Texas Ballet Theater for Ben Stevenson’s production of “Dracula”. This is a first in many way. It’s the first production Texas Ballet Theater has done with an orchestra in the Winspear pit. It’s also the first time Texas Ballet Theater has performed with the Dallas Symphony.

The sound system is in the process of being upgraded by Dave Lawler and Craig Doubet. The same team that upgraded & now maintains Bass Performance Hall’s sound system in Fort Worth.
Craig is currently rewiring the racks in the basement. Previously all patching was done in the basement and getting there and back is a 10+ minute round trip so the tie line patching has been moved into the sound booth. The original main system DSP (Biamp Audia) has now been replaced with BSS London BLU-160 units. In order to make sure work could be done but the Dracula production wouldn’t be affected, we coordinated what I needed in advance so only the systems that are required for my production were replaced first.
For Dracula I need over stage monitors for the dancers which is a simple tie line feed. I also needed the existing Renkus Heinz Iconyx main PA for preshow announcements and tech rehearsals without the orchestra. The lobby and backstage paging systems have been left alone since they must function through out the production.

I have to get ready for a tech rehearsal with QLab playback but I’ll post more information soon.