Texas Ballet Theater @ Winspear Opera House – Peter & The Wolf

During the Dracula production, we have some student shows performing Peter and The Wolf. I decided to use the main PA (Renkus Heinz) since the system is going through some changes and I thought it would be good to make sure it works before we leave the building (while there is still time to fix it if it doesn’t).

Before we last Sunday afternoon after Dracula, the house crew brought the main PA back in to show position. All the Renkus Heinz systems were fed signal via COBRANET until Dave Lawler & Craig Doubet came in. Now all signaling is done via analog lines. COBRANET is only being used to control the speakers via RHAON. So I was the first person to hear the main PA work since the DSP units were swapped out (BIAMP AUDIA for BSS LONDON BLU 160). The good news is that it all works. The bad news is that the gain structure of the main PA is way off. I had to turn my main feed down roughly 32db to get back to where I am with the smaller Iconyx PA. Yikes! Today after the last student performance, Craig and I compared the Iconyx level with the main PA level and adjusted it back -20. In order to make sure I wasn’t guessing I placed a mic at the rear of the house (before the balcony) and took measurements of the HR Iconyx. Then the HR main array. No guess work. Craig adjusted so they are the same and I was able to return my Qlab channel back to unity. I’ll post traces when I’m back in the venue tomorrow. How did I ever get by without a measurement rig???